Don’t know about Hrithik Roshan or Tiger Shroff but Vaani Kapoor has already started preparing for the YRF film

It had been stated that the celebrity will set up with Hrithik…well a few folks have all of the luck. However, while both the personalities are occupied with different movies, Vaani has started her homework. On her Instagram accounts, she shared videos and pictures of how she’s gearing up for exactly the same. She’s labeled Hrithik and Tiger too. We wonder if this can make both of these actors fall everything else and begin working on this specific movie. We all know we’re being greedy but the possibility of seeing Hrithik and Tiger in 1 movie is damn exciting. Both dancing so well it needs to be seen to be believed. We hear there’ll be a dance-off between them both. Tiger has ever considered Hrithik that his idol and both of these will do the job together. Would you blame us to be this excited about this movie?

Siddharth Anand had advised a daily there will not be any activity sequence between Vaani. He’d said,”It’s a Hrithik-Tiger automobile and we desired Vaani for this and we’re glad she said yes for it. It’s her skill as a dancer and actress which added value for my own scenes. There’ll not be any actions sequences for Vaani from the movie.” Hence that the celebrity is simply getting fitter for its function. Adding additional, the manager had recuperated,”It is the script which plays a vital part here as both the celebrities should believe that their functions are great enough and feel protected also. For the two-hero movies, the challenge lies in composing rather than casting”

However, Tiger and Hrithik do their own thing!

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