Cate Blanchett suggests Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her

The Oscar-winning Hollywood celebrity — who worked together with Weinstein on many movies — had been interviewed by Variety where she failed to enter specifics about her encounters with himbut did state she”would not do what he had been asking me to perform”.

Asked”point blank” when he sexually harassed her or behaved inappropriately, she explained:”With mepersonally, yes. I believe he actually mainly preyed, like many predators, on the exposed. I mean I have a bad feeling out of him… He’d frequently say ,’We are not buddies’.”

On whether enough has been done to distribute perpetrators of sexual harassment and abuse from the media sector, ” she added:”There’s so much work to be performed, and it’s being done. And, clearly, there are a great deal of cynics. Whenever change is really occurring there is almost always a parallel review ‘Is it happening the proper way? For what reason is this occurring? Are there any hidden agendas?’

“But change is happening within the industry in a kind of positive, unstoppable way that will benefit not just women, but everybody in the industry.”

Weinstein has denied all allegations”non-consensual gender” made against himbut hasn’t yet reacted straight to Blanchett’s interview. He’s been accused of sexual harassment and assault by over 70 girls, and is now the subject of criminal investigations in the united states and the united kingdom.

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