Sunny Leone: I don’t see myself as a victim but I may be a soft target

Sunny Leone says if her name is hauled into controversies, she might feel as a”soft target” but doesn’t recognize as a”victim”. In years past her dancing performances are cancelled and the celebrity was in the receiving end of several politicians’ sexist comments. Asked when she feels victimised, Leone said,”I really don’t find myself as a sufferer but that I might be a soft goal. I think people should be able to state what they wish to, even when they wish to, how they wish to, whether it’s wrong or right is their decision and ethical stand.”

“Most of this time I brush it off since it is crap. Does this hurt me? No. The actor was talking at the launching of her web collection,”Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story of Sunny Leone”. Asked if there were parts out of her life she didn’t want the movie to research, Leone explained,”A great deal of these”

Leone explained the method of narrating her story to the show’s authors as filled with”laugh and a great deal of tears”. “It needed to make sense to the narrative. So if it was a fantastic thing or bad, I needed to tell all of it. We sat for six months where I told tales about myself and out of these stories we’ve made 20 episodes,” she explained. The Zee5 net series goes on from July 16 and also the celebrity says she’s worried about sharing her story on the planet.

“I am still attempting to get confident if I did the ideal thing but that which Aditya (manager ) has taken, it is really amazing. I am happy that the manager I want to be me. “I am still on the fence if it was the ideal choice or the wrong. I know deep down it was the ideal option. I am just scared, that is all,” she added.

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